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I'm Rebekah...

...a small town farm girl from the good ole Pacific Northwest.

Learn more about who I am by clicking here, and keep scrolling to see what you can expect if you hire me as your wedding photographer.

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Here's the thing: your wedding is a BIG deal.
There will be things that stress you out, but your photographer should definitely not be one of those things.

If you hire me, here are some things you can expect from me:

I will take charge during family formals. Just about every dad I've ever been around comments about how quick and efficient I am when it comes to wedding day portraits. Time is money on wedding days, and I know + respect that.

I will turn into a bit of a weirdo behind the camera. Taking photos can feel awkward, I get that! But trust me, you'll be laughing hard enough at me + my antics that you won't have time to remember your nervousness.

I'm an introverted extrovert, which means I can be as calm as a sleepy kitten, or as enthusiastic as a Golden Retriever. I take my cue from *you* and won't force you into a mood you're just not feeling.

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Nick & Hailey // William L Finley Maternity Session

Hailey and Nick are two of my most favorite people that I’ve met through photography. They’re just about as goofy as can be, head over heels in love with each other, and really forgiving even when the photographer forgets Hailey’s name and calls her something else for most of the […]

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Rebekah will blow you away with her creative eye, adventurous spirit and wonderful whimsical photos. Not to mention her ability to make you feel totally natural and comfortable during a shoot!

She has amazing talent and a loving heart.

My family isn't the best at picture seems like someone is always blinking or making a weird face, not to mention trying to get everyone in the right place. Rebekah totally took control and I didn't feel any stress when it came to family photos. She had things moving fast and efficiently.

Everyone told me many times how much they love how the pictures turned out, and my husband and I are in love with our wedding photos! In fact I still have not been able to pick my favorites because they are all so amazing. Rebekah captured not only staged but sweet candid photos of me and my love.

No stress or worries, Rebekah made our special day one to remember forever.

Caleb & Madalyn

Are you ready to go on an epic adventure with the love of your life, and bring me along to make sure that you have photos just as amazing as your adventure?

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