Down-to-Earth with a Love for Adventures

If you and your fiancé wouldn't mind disappearing for a few minutes to catch the sunset or dream of hiking into a hidden waterfall the day after your wedding to twirl under misty droplets, than I am probably a good fit for you!

I picked up a camera years ago and fell in love with creating art with ladders in the apple orchard and stunning sunsets. But then I fell in love with capturing weddings and couples who want more than just a beautiful day - they want a beautiful love story.

I love to travel, and have explored all over both Oregon and Washington. I place a high value on things like faith, family, laughter, and the little moments. I strongly believe in relationships over “stuff”, firm handshakes, and wildflowers picked from the side of old country roads. I truly cannot wait to meet you!

What to Expect From Me:

I will take charge during family formals. Almost every grandfather and dad makes a comment about how quickly the photos go. Your family deserves to feel comfortable and at ease.

I will turn into a bit of a weirdo behind the camera. Taking photos can feel awkward but trust me, I'm a pro at making even the most uncomfortable of people laugh and relax.

I'm an introverted extrovert, which means I can be as calm as a sleepy kitten, or as enthusiastic as a Golden Retriever. I take my cue from *you* and won't force you into a mood you're just not feeling.

Rebekah did our engagement and wedding photos and she over-exceeded anything we could’ve ever wanted.

Rebekah is an incredible kind, supportive, optimistic, hardworking, and creative person. You instantly feel comfortable with her. I definitely felt kind of awkward taking photos, yet Rebekah helped us pose and she put us at ease.

Her photos were just so dreamy and magical, those are the only 2 words I could think of.

Working with Rebekah was just a pure joy. She is amazing and she will not disappoint! Highly highly recommend working with Rebekah!! - Gracie R.

Interested in Working With Me?

Let's jump on a call to see if I'm the perfect fit for your once-in-a-lifetime day.