Caleb + Hannah // Married

This was by far the most fun wedding I have ever shot. The groom is my cousin, and the bride is my sister-in-law’s sister, so it just felt like one big, happy family get together!
Caleb and I grew up playing together all the time, and has been one of my dearest (can you say “dearest” when referring to a guy?) buddies since forever. Along with his sister Jessica, and my big brother Matthew, we built forts, climbed trees, re-created “The Rifleman” scenes, made mud pies, wrecked general havoc, and played cowboys and Indians until the cows came home. I have loved watching him grow up into a godly, strong man, and I am beyond happy that he found himself a woman like his Hannah!
My dear Han is one of the spunkiest, most giving, and most passionate people I know. In the past three years since our siblings started dating/got married/had a perfect baby boy (which made us an auntie-duo – the BEST), we have become really close friends. I am so thankful for her and her friendship, and definitely could not have hand picked a better woman for my baby cousin!
The wedding was gorgeous, simple, relaxed, well executed, and just a blast to photograph! Hannah has worked at the venue for several years, which made it extra special.
Childhood sweethearts getting married + a John Deere tractor + crazy groomsmen tackling the groom + 13 little kids all going down the aisle with smiles on their faces + a tear inducing daddy-daughter dance. Not sure it can get much better than this!
And they lived happily ever after ❤

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