Tommy & Tessa // Jacquot Farm and Vineyard Wedding

This beautiful wedding at Jacquot Farm and Vineyard was slightly different then my normal weddings…mainly because I didn’t actually photograph it!

In case you haven’t heard, last month I injured my knee (subluxed patella) while photographing another wedding. It’s been pretty darn painful, and I’ve been wearing a brace for 3+ weeks now, plus was on crutches for a week during that time. I’m now doing physical therapy once a week and mostly back on my feet (although still wearing the silly brace).

Because of my injury, I was unable to be on my feet for longer than about 15 minutes without major pain, so photographing a wedding was out of the question. But my *incredible* friend, Alicia, stepped in and saved the day and drove 8ish hours just to photograph Tommy + Tessa’s big day for me!

I am so, so thankful for amazing brides (like Tessa) who are understanding and caring, and for an amazing community of photographers (like Alicia) who are willing to drop everything to help a fellow tog in need.

It’s been so fun to live vicariously through these photos, and to imagine myself right there with them, dancing and laughing and eating that amazing smorgasbord.

Tommy + Tessa, thank you for trusting me and for being so sweet + flexible with the changes that had to be made. I am forever thankful for couples like you, and forever thankful that our paths crossed. Big, huge hugs to you!

Alicia, thank you for having my back. This industry is better for having you! Hugs!

(Photos by Alicia Wood Photography, edits by Rebekah Leona Photography.)

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