Hannah // Styled Bridal Session

Once upon a time, I was blessed by a lady who was clearing out her storage of wedding dresses, and somehow, I ended up with 20 (yes, as in 1, 2, 3, 4…18, 19, 20!) wedding dresses!

(Side note: I will be working to sell all of these dresses, so if you or someone you know is looking for a *very* reasonably priced wedding dress, shoot me an email!)

Last week, I asked my super sweet + super beautiful cousin-in-law to dress up in one of my favorite dresses, and model for a stylized bridal session on top of Mary’s Peak in Corvallis. The weather was perfect for about 30 minutes before the clouds/fog started rolling in, and I may or may not have wanted to throw a little bit of a tantrum that we didn’t get a sunset, but hey! It’s ok because Hannah is gorgeous in that dress no matter what the weather does!

I was privileged to partner with the incredible Yvonne of Lilacs and Lilies, who crafted the most beautiful wildflower bouquet for us! She used forget-me-nots, pink wax flower, ornamental grass, and red tip photenia, as well as some wild daisies from her own fields! All of the materials are ones that grow well in the Northwest and were from local growers. The cost of a bouquet such as this would be $30. Make sure to check out Yvonne’s Facebook page, and follow her on Instagram as well!

So, without further ado, I present to you Mrs. Hannah modeling for a mountain top styled bridal session!

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