Mr & Mrs Nosko // Backyard Riverside Wedding Portraits

Countless weddings have been affected by COVID-19 this year, including most of my own 2020 couples. From postponing to downsizing, wedding celebrations are looking very different this year. Elopements are the becoming more of the norm, and while I LOVE elopements, my heart hurts for all of these sweet couples who have had a wrench thrown in the gears of their plans.

But it’s also been amazing to see how my couples have become even more creative with celebrating their love.

For Taylor & Cheyanne, they were forced to postpone their June wedding, but decided they couldn’t wait any longer to be husband and wife. And so, on a beautiful July day, they made it official, and we celebrated with a photo session beside the river that runs along the edge of their property.

I can’t wait for next July and the amazing celebration we’re going to have at their home. There will be dancing and partying and general merrymaking and I CANNOT wait!!

To all of you amazing 2020 brides & grooms, y’all are strong beyond belief and I’m so inspired by you. Don’t hesitate to book that photo session to celebrate the challenges you’re overcoming this year. I promise you won’t regret it.

Florals by Barb’s Flowers
Gown from Amazon

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