Jake & Crystal // Veelle’s Idyllic Park Wedding

The first time I met Jake + Crystal, we were sitting in our cars waiting for a torrential downpour to pass by Cape Kiwanda so we could take their engagement photos. The torrential downpour eventually turned into a light mist, so we made a run for it out onto the beach, hoping to get at least a handful of good photos…only to get chased back to the cars about 20 minutes later by loud claps of thunder and pounding rain.

But what I learned about these two during our rain-soaked engagement session, was that they are two of the most easy-going, kindest people ever. And that initial impression I had of them only became more solidified throughout all of our communication leading up to their beautiful wedding, and through the heartfelt toasts and words that were said about them and to them at their reception.

Their entire wedding day was full of sunflowers (so, basically I was in heaven), lots of happy tears, some crazy dancing, the best garter throw (and the first/best garter-putting-back-on that I’ve ever seen), and sooo much laughter. It was one of those days that you really don’t want to end, but also you kind of want to end because you want to go home and edit the photos!

Jake + Crystal, you guys have been so incredible to work with…you’re gracious, kind-hearted, sweet, caring, and hilarious. (Basically, the whole package.) I’m sad to be done with the wedding portion of your life and our relationship, but I know that this new friendship is one that will continue for years (and hopefully many more couple +family photo sessions) to come! Love you guys so much, and can’t wait to see where life takes you. Hugs!

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