Joe & Jessica // Anniversary Adventure Session

You are my home & my adventure, all at once. << I saw this quote on Pinterest recently and thought how fitting it was to describe this anniversary session.

I have known Jessica since Day 1 (she’s my cousin and I was young enough when she was born that my mom took me to the hospital with her to meet Jess) and we’ve been best buds ever since. She is one of the sweetest and most joyful people I have ever met…one of those never-mad-can’t-think-bad-of-anyone people that makes people like me (aka red hot temper over here) roll my eyes on a regular basis because hooooow is she so sweet and doesn’t she get sick of always been so sweet? (Spoiler alert: she doesn’t get sick of it and currently she is probably giggling and brushing this comment off with an “oh I’m not thaaat sweet”.) Anyway, I won’t give you our whole backstory, but sufficient to say, she is one of my top 5 favorite people on planet earth, and even though she is disgustingly sweet (but not in a sicky sweet way that’s fake) I still adore her! A few years ago, she met this average Joe, and he quickly turned into a not-so-average Joe and now they just celebrated their 1st anniversay so you know how *that* story turned out. (I am still trying to decide if I like Joe…I mean he’s great and everything but he also stole my best friend and carted her off to Texas sooooo…the jury is still out on him.)

But these two people, lemme tell you, they’re so perfectly suited for each other. Somehow they challenge each other and ground each other all at the same time, and it’s both adorable and sickening to watch how in love they are. They’ve already shared several big adventures together (Mexico for their honeymoon, and then Greece this past spring!) and knowing them, there will be a lot more in their future. But watching the way they interact, it is so obvious that the other person is, to them, both their greatest adventure and their coziest home.

Joe + Jess, words cannot even begin to touch how much I love you guys, and how thrilled I am to be a part of your story. Jess, wow. So many memories pop into my head, so many sleepovers and inside jokes and hours and hours and hours of playing dress up. You’ll always be my Siamese twin, and the person that I would rather watch Pride & Prejudice with than anybody else. Joe, I guess you’re okay. (Even if you do drive like a maniac. A safe maniac, but a maniac.) Thanks for taking care of my bestie the way you do. Love you both so much!

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