Luke & Emma // Yellow Gold Farm Wedding

This wedding was probably the most beautifully + subtly Patriotic wedding I have ever been to, let alone photographed! Luke + Emma’s official colors were red, white, and blue with gold accents, and hearing that, one might imagine the entire wedding to be overloaded with a ‘Merica! feel to it. But they did *such* a good job at blending all of these colors into each other, so that while it did have a Patriotic feel, it was not overwhelming in the slightest!

And can we just take a moment and talk about Emma’s dress?! I mean that thing was STUNNING. Plus, and this is the best part, it had pockets. Pockets, you guys! Every single girl out there understands the struggle of dresses without pockets, and the joy when you find one that does have those perfect little compartments. And I mean a wedding dress with pockets? Talk about pure gold.

One super fun and unique twist to the day was that Emma didn’t see her wedding ring until it was being placed on her hand during the ceremony! Luke decided to give her a whole new ring, instead of just adding a traditional wedding band, and thought it would be a fun idea to not show her the ring prior to their wedding. Emma was definitely pleasantly surprised with the new ring, which she definitely had a right to be cause that upgrade is gorgeous!

The wedding was held at the beautiful Yellow Gold Farm, and the vendors included Flowers N’ More, Oregon BBQ Co, David’s Bridal, and Men’s Warehouse.

It was such an honor to be there to capture all the laughter, awesome dances, adorable details, and love that enveloped the entire day. Plus, I wouldn’t have missed that golden sunset in the hay field for anything!

Luke + Emma, I’ll never forget the excitement I felt when I first met you guys, and that excitement definitely continued all the way through your big day. You two are so, so perfectly suited to each other, and I know that you will do great things in this life together. I wish you both the absolute best, and sincerely hope to have you in front of my camera again someday!

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