My Top 3 Photo Session Locations Near Corvallis, Oregon

Whenever my clients ask if I have suggestions for photo session locations near Corvallis, I always smile a little bit. Because I absolutely have suggestions, and some of them are pretty incredible! And today, I’m sharing some of them with you all! So, without further ado, I present to you my top 3 photo session locations near Corvallis, Oregon.

Photo Session Locations Near Corvallis, Oregon - Mary's Peak

1. Mary’s Peak

Mary’s Peak is a popular spot, no matter if you’re wanting to watch the sunrise or sunset, go for a hike, or take photos. On a clear day, it provides some insane views while also not requiring you to hike 5 or 10 miles. (Although, if somebody wants to go hike 10 miles and take photos, you know I’m down for that.) You can drive most of the way up to the peak, and only have to walk just over half a mile to get to the very top. But even from the parking lot, the views are stellar. (Word to the wise: wear a pair of comfy shoes to hike up to the top, as there’s a pretty good incline and you definitely don’t want to be hiking that in high heels!)

Click here for a Mary’s Peak maternity session from a few years ago.
Photo Session Locations Near Corvallis, Oregon - Fitton Green Natural Area

2. Fitton Green Natural Area

While Fitton Green Natural Area doesn’t have the same (or maybe as epic) views as Mary’s Peak does, it’s still pretty amazing! Plus, it’s a lot closer to Corvallis, so it’s a prime location for shorter sessions that still want a view. There are various paths and trails to be explored, no matter if you want to go for a hike or take photos! (Are you seeing a theme here?? Your girl loooves hiking and loves taking photos! Put the two of those together, and I’m one happy camper.)

Click here for a moody Oregon engagement session at Fitton Green Natural Area.
Photo Session Locations Near Corvallis, Oregon - William L. Finley

3. William L. Finley

William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge is a favorite for many reasons. There are open fields, forested areas, and some really neat old buildings. I haven’t done a ton of exploring around the refuge, because frankly, I have my favorite locations that I go to and that’s it! But a quick look at AllTrails shows various loops and hikes on the 5,325 acre refuge. Once again, no matter if you’re looking for a nice hike or a photo session location, William L. Finley has got you covered.

Click here for a William L. Finley family session.

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