Pendleton + Julia // Engaged

This sweet bride-to-be has been my cousin Hannah’s best friend for half of forever, and has been a good friend of mine for several years now too! I’ll never forget the time she called me and asked if she could bring a friend to a bonfire I was having. I think our conversation went something like this:
                J: sooo is it ok if I bring a friend?
                R: Sure! Wait. What kind of friend? Is it a guy????
                J: Yeeeeeaaaaahhh…
                (I get a little excited about love, if you haven’t noticed.)
The rest is history, but I knew from that moment that this Pendleton guy was someone special. When Julia texted and asked if we could meet for coffee to talk over wedding details, I was ecstatic. If there is one thing I love more than love, it’s my friends in love and getting married!
Their engagement session was cold and snowy and didn’t last too long because red noses and frozen fingers aren’t suuuper attractive, but oh how I loved the time we got to spend together running around in the snow!
Pendleton + Julia, you guys are so special to me and I feel so honored to be capturing your love in this way. I can’t wait for your wedding day, and to see the amazing ways the Lord uses you two in the coming years! I love you guys!

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