Pendleton & Julia // Horse Rock Ridge Adventure Session

If I could pick a session to photograph over and over again, it would hands down be this one! Any session that involves hiking to the location is a winner in my book, and this one definitely won all the awards for location + lighting + and of course, my rockstar couple.

I shot Pendleton + Julia’s wedding last April, and it was so incredible to get them in front of my camera yet again for this adventurous Bride + Groom session. We met up at their adorable little house, and then drove the 15ish semi-sketchy miles to the trailhead, jamming out to Christmas music with our two assistants (Hannah & Katelyn) the whole way. The hike in was pretty short, and since it was still pretty early in the day, we spent the next few hours exploring the area and taking in the scenery. I even got in front of the camera for a few new headshots (thanks Han)!

Finally, it was time for Pendleton + Julia to don their wedding clothes, and we started shooting! Being able to slow down and let my mind just be  c r e a t i v e  was nothing short of amazing + rejuvenating for my soul. Seriously, if you’re an entrepreneur and feeling a little stuck, take a day and just allow yourself to create for you and you alone. It will do wonders for your business!

My models + assistants all took a little break an hour or so in and ate some well-deserved snacks, while I walked along the cliffs and envisioned the shots I would take as soon as the sun dipped below the horizon. In a matter of moments, the light went from blinding to soft + romantic, and we all sprang into action. That’s the thing about golden hour heading into blue hour, you only have a short amount of time but oooh the magic that can come from those minutes!

With hardly any light left in the sky, and several freezing girls on my hands (including Julia who made freezing in a wedding dress look nothing short of spectacular), we all packed up and hiked back to the trailhead. I paused right before we re-entered the trees, looked back at the deepening shades of the sunset, and thanked Jesus for His incredible gifts. There are moments when I just cannot fathom the love that He has for me, and moments when I feel unspeakably blessed that I get to capture His creation (both human + nature) in such a way. That was one of those moments.

If you were to ask me “why? why do you love shooting sessions like this so much?” I might reply something along these lines: I love it because I understand the feelings of utter freedom you get when you’re deep in the forest or on top of a mountain with the person or people you love most in the world. And when you leave an adventure session with me, I want you to know that freedom, and the pure joy that comes from it, has been captured in photo form for you to treasure forever and pass down to future generations. That is why I will never shy away from an early alarm or long hike just to get “the” shot. I know how awe-inspiring it is to be out in the wilderness, and I’ve got your back when it comes to capturing those moments of unadulterated freedom.

Pendleton + Julia, thank you for letting me take you out into the middle of nowhere + create magic with you guys. I am so blessed by you + your friendship, and so thankful for all the adventures we’ve had. Hugs!

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