Eli & Emily // Cape Kiwanda Anniversary Session

Last week, I met up with Eli + Emily at Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City and helped them celebrate their fourth anniversary with a session on the beach.

We were hoping to spend most of our time on top of the dune, but crazy winds and wild sand kind of changed our planes. So, we found a little alcove and thus commenced the tippy-toe kisses and the cuddly wrap up hugs. Anniversary sessions, man. They always hit me right in the feels!

Just for fun, I dug back in the files and looked at Eli + Emily’s second anniversary photos, which we took up on Mary’s Peak. And ummm okay wow, not to pat myself on the back, but y’all, I’ve made some improvements in my style since then!! (See what I’m talking about >here<.)

Eli + Emily, thanks for still coming back to me for photos, and for being such sweet and wonderful people! I thoroughly enjoyed our time together, and can’t wait to hopefully get you in front of my camera again soon! Hugs!

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